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First sign of the apocalypse? Xbox 360 tops Wii in Japan


The end of the world must be nigh, for we never thought we'd see the day where the Wii was outsold by the Xbox 360 in Japan. Sure enough, with Microsoft cutting the price of the console, sales have seen a boost over there. The week ending September 14th saw the Xbox 360 selling 28,681 units, while the Wii only moved 27,057 units. Close, but this isn't horse shoes or hand grenades, kiddies.

Aside from Microsoft cutting the price of their console, a number of other factors helped contribute to the Xbox 360 selling so well. For one, a new Square Enix RPG released there this week, by the name of Infinite Undiscovery, and Microsoft also came out with a new Xbox 360 SKU. We're not holding a grudge, though. Microsoft can enjoy their short time in the spotlight. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have to go sabotage the jump jets on Bill Gates' diamond-encrusted jetpack.

[Via Edge]

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