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IndieCade 2008 festival set for Oct 10-17 in Bellevue, WA

Ross Miller

We've talked about the IndieCade before, especially with their large presence at this year's E3 and PAX. All of the events, however, have culminated with the aptly-titled IndieCade: the International Festival of Independent Games, set for October 10 through 17 at Open Satellite in Bellevue, Washington. The festival will show off what it believes are the 26 best independent games that would no doubt make Soulja Boy's head spin.

The first two days of the event include industry-specific sessions such as a presentation of thatgamecompany's Flower and the awards ceremony, with the general admission exhibit starting October 13 and running through the end of the week. You looking for a chance to understand what, exactly, is P.B. Winterbottom? How about the two-player Dark Room Sex Game? Tickets are on sale now.

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