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New iPhone products from Griffin Technology


Those inventive dudes at Griffin Technology have come up with two new products for iPhones.

The AirCurve for iPhone and iPhone 3G is a really cool idea -- an amplifier that uses no power adapters or batteries. Instead, it amplifies the sound from the iPhone's speaker using a coiled waveguide (think of an old-fashioned cheerleader megaphone wrapped around into a helix, and you've got the concept). The AirCurve is made of translucent polycarbonate so you can see the curving waveguide. There's a pass-through slot so you can charge and sync your iPhone. The AirCurve is much less expensive than powered alternatives, selling for $19.99.

ClarifiThe other new product, Clarifi for iPhone 3G is an attractive iPhone 3G case with a difference. It has a built-in lens that slides into place for taking close-ups. While the normal iPhone 3G can focus up to about 18 inches away from the subject, the Clarifi's lens can bring you in as close as 4 to 6 inches. The suggested price is $34.99. By the way, it's not as cheesy as the telephoto lens for iPhone we covered last month.

Both products will be available in October from the Griffin Technology website and retailers.

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