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Rumor: Slash accidentally reveals Guitar Hero: Hendrix


Has frizzy-haired Guns N' Roses guitar legend Slash mistakenly leaked news of a Jimi Hendrix-themed Guitar Hero title? In an interview with Rolling Stone, the axe-shredder ended up discussing Activision's mega-franchise, and appeared to let news of a future release slip. "Well, having the Aerosmith guys do it was very cool 'cause Aerosmith's one of the bands I was heavily influenced by," he enthused. "And Metallica's doing it, that's great. Those are two ones that I think gives it some credibility. And they're doing a Hendrix one, which is great."

While aging rock guitarists aren't our usual source for games industry gossip, this is totally believable; after all, it's likely Activision will produce a Guitar Hero: Hendrix sooner or later, given the company's love of money. But somebody at Activision needs to have a quiet word with Slash, because the man is plainly off the chain. First he changes his name to a violent-sounding verb, and now he's giving away Activision's trade secrets like they're candy. Could he be any more rock 'n' roll?

[Via 1UP]

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