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Soulja Boy, tell em 'bout FEIST


Oh man! Hey it's your boy, Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, and they got this game, right, for people who smoke, or people who drink -- like if you drink beer and you get drunk, or if you smoke weed and you get high -- and you just, anything, like, if you just be gettin' *bleep'd* up. They got this game, right, I don't know, this *bleep* called FEIST -- hold up! Watch this *bleep*. [Please press play on video player above.]

It's about this little guy in a black suit, and he walk around -- they ain't got no point to the game -- you just walk around jumpin' on *bleep*. It look like Mario in a *bleep'd* up dream. It's Mario as a fuzzy ball wit' lil stick arms and legs. And he just walk around jumpin' and *bleep* -- but what's the funny part about it ... it's Mac exclusive!

[Download the free beta from the link on]

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