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Vertu coming to Japan, wants all your yen

Chris Ziegler

Vertu has announced that it'll be bringing its brutally excessive hardware to Japan this December, when the very first Vertu boutique in the country opens in Tokyo's Ginza district. The first phone to be offered there will presumably be the Signature S Design offered on NTT DoCoMo or Softbank, thanks to its 3G radio and an OLED display that might (emphasis on "might") stop the meagerly-spec'd handset from getting laughed out of a country where WVGA displays and one-seg tuners are the norm. Of course, Vertu has never pretended to be on top of the tech game -- with those guys, it's all about the precious metals and gems you can cram in there -- and it sounds like they'll be offering gold and platinum variants (among others) that range between ¥890,000 and ¥5,000,000 (about $8,400 to $47,400). If you're nowhere near Ginza, don't worry; other Vertu shops are expected across Japan next year.

[Via Unwired View]

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