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Mirror's Edge delivered to consoles Nov. 11, PC version delayed


EA has announced that its parkour, rebellion and delivery girl simulator, Mirror's Edge, will release November 11 for Xbox 360 and PS3. Giving credence to the rumors already floating around, the PC version of the game is now confirmed for "later in the winter."

EA also confirmed that a demo will be available featuring "the tutorial" and a scene from the single-player campaign. Those who pre-order at "select retailers" after September 26 will receive a code that unlocks "Time Trial" in the demo. Hopefully, the game will be delivered on time -- watch the rooftops!

[Update: Note that the pre-order incentive's staring date may not necessarily be the release date of the demo. Upon contacting EA for a specific date, Joystiq was told, "The pre-order initiative begins on September 26th and the demo will be out before the game ships, as the press release sent this morning states."]

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