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The state of Inscription

Natalie Mootz

One thing I know is this: the 8962 beta patch which downloaded last night is not going to be the last beta patch we see. How do I know this? Because there are still no Warrior, Death Knight, or minor glyphs available to train yet. Yes, I know what some websites are reporting about Death Knight glyphs, but I assure that these glyphs are not at the trainers. The lack of clear information on the topic is making it interesting to be a scribe on the beta servers. (And by "interesting" I mean "lame.") While I'm standing in front of the trainer looking at the list of available glyphs, people on the Trade channel are calling me an idiot because I have no DK glyphs because they read about them. (Lolwut?) But my graphic for this post is my proof. They're not available yet, people!

I've leveled up to Expert on Inscription and I'm an oink away from Artisan. I have been selling my glyphs for measly sums merely to cover the cost of materials. Who are these people trying to sell a stack of Peacebloom for 500G?? Do they not understand that (a) you can't buy anything useful with your beta money anyway and (b) you can't keep your money when Wrath goes live? Can they back off their greed for, I don't know, 10 minutes to let the Inscription profession work out its kinks? And what's with the enchanters? I put a stack of vellum out there for 1 silver and nobody wants it? Obviously, enchanters are not making scrolls for us to test out. (The scrolls you see on the auction house are from scribes, by the way, not enchanters.) I've been able to purchase one whole enchantment on the beta -- some kind of shiny spellthread for my pants -- at the lovely cost of 599 gold. But that was WAY back two patches ago. Since then I haven't seen any enchantment scrolls available at all. If you want free glyphs, mail or whisper Sligger on the US Northrend beta server. And if you want to send me free herbs, may Elune bless you!

Lastly, I leave you with a mystery. On the table next to the Inscription trainer in Undercity, there is a floating book which is called "Lexicon of Power" when you mouse over it. You can't intereact with it otherwise. A Scribe standing next to me suggested that maybe it's like an Anvil or a Mana Loom, but the currently available inscription recipes don't mention a need for it. I guess we'll have to wait for the next patch.

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