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BenQ announces E1050 camera for drab and mysterious shooters

Tim Stevens

BenQ is enhancing its selection of pocketable shooters with another modestly-spec'ed offering, the E1050. It has your standard 3x optical zoom lens on the front and 3-inch LCD on the back, with a 10 megapixel CCD forming the meat in this 17.6mm thick sandwich (though BenQ points out that it is 16.8mm thin at its skinniest bit). Its stainless case is only available in a muted gray, surely to disappoint those who need color in their life. However, that nondescript hue plus the inclusion of shooting speeds all the way down to ISO 3200, twice that of the earlier (and thinner) T850, should make this a solid choice for spies and ninjas. Beyond potential espionage action there isn't much to get excited about here, especially at an undisclosed price and undisclosed availability -- but don't let that stop you from checking out a picture of its back-side after the break.

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