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DS Fanboy hands-on: Dragon Ball Origins

David Craddock

The Namco Bandai Games-developed Dragon Ball: Origins for the Nintendo DS attempts to shed light on the origin of Goku, Dragon Ball's prolific spikey-haired protagonist. Controlling Goku is simple: tap the screen with the stylus, and Goku will set out in that direction at a walk or a run depending on the distance between him and your chosen spot. Tapping and holding the stylus will cause Goku to keep moving as you drag your pointer across the screen.


Attacking enemies is accomplished by tapping them. Goku's default attack is a wallop of a punch, but a selection square on the Touch Screen can be tapped to arm Goku with different weapons. Our preferred instrument of destruction is a staff is swung via drawing semi-circles on the Touch Screen. Drawing farther away from Goku causes the stick to extend to the point you tapped on the screen, allowing you to clobber enemies from afar.

Dragon Ball: Origins is meant as a simplistic action-adventure romp that Dragon Ball fans can pick up and play for a few minutes or even a few hours. Look for it to arrive in stores this November.

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