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EVE Online: Et tu, Brute?

James Egan

Mynxee of the Life in Low Sec blog is a prominent member of the EVE Online community, but like many others who share her passion for both playing the game and blogging about the experience, she has a tendency to 'violence boats'. Lots of them. In light of this fact, she found herself in a bit of a dilemma: Should friends made in the online space, who share the same passion for the game, be off-limits when she's hunting for targets in EVE?

She posed this question to her fellow capsuleers (and bloggers); carebears and pirates alike responded in kind. In fact, the comments read like a Who's Who of the EVE blogging community. While a few felt killing their friends should be off limits, the consensus was that anything that comes into their sites is fair game. After all, killing other pilots in acts of piracy -- or just for some PvP -- isn't usually personal, although victims may feel otherwise. Do you kill your friends who happen to be in other corps or alliances on an NBSI basis*, or would that be crossing a line for you in EVE?

* For those who are newer to EVE Online, NBSI means "Not Blue, Shoot It" -- in EVE you can set standings for different player corps and alliances. If a corp is set to red, they're fair game for anyone in your own corporation/alliance. If they're set to blue, you don't (or shouldn't) fire upon them.

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