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HTC Touch Pro to materialize in Japan as KDDI au's E30HT

Chris Ziegler

Hard as it may be to believe, not every CDMA phone out of HTC is destined for North American soil. The company clearly sees the potential for its Touch Pro to win the hearts and minds of Windows Mobile lovers the world over, so it has partnered with KDDI au to bring it to Japan as the E30HT next spring. Thing is, au's a CDMA network through and through -- with EV-DO, of course -- so it comes as no surprise that the version launching over there looks suspiciously like the one coming to Sprint and other CDMA carriers in the coming months. Can't wait until the first part of 2009 to put it in your pocket? Well, tough cookies -- but at least you'll be able to catch an early glimpse at CEATEC at the end of this month where the E30HT is scheduled to make a cameo.

[Via Engadget Japanese]

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