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Richard Garriott's appearance on The Colbert Report

Shawn Schuster

As announced earlier in the week, Richard Garriott made his Comedy Central debut last night with Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report. This appearance by Garriott was in conjunction with his Operation Immortality project that will take place next month. Stephen Colbert will be joining many other popular celebrities by adding his digitized DNA to the Immortality Drive which will accompany Garriott on his space flight, and remain on the International Space Station in the event of Earth's destruction.

Admittedly, the Garriott appearance is very brief. In fact, he didn't actually "appear" on the show at all, but called in from his space flight training grounds in Russia. This was a bit on the disappointing side, yet we understand Garriott's time restraints with that whole space flight thing and all. Plus, it turns out this interview was done literally ten minutes before Garriott was to be quarantined for the flight. Sadly enough, there was no mention of Tabula Rasa during the interview at all. Regardless, it's a funny little interview.

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