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Samsung's MediaLive Digital Media Adapter really coming soon?

Darren Murph

Hey, Sammy -- bet you thought we forgot about that little MediaLive Digital Media Adapter of yours, huh? For everyone that had, let us bring you back up to speed. After launching under a different name at CES 2008, this puppy was officially revealed in the summer. Unfortunately, the supposed August ship date has come and gone, and it doesn't seem like too many folks are up in arms about it. Nevertheless, the obviously delayed Media Center Extender has finally found itself a holding page over at Best Buy, where's it's listed in detail for $199.99. The "Coming Soon" bit doesn't really give us much to go on, but we'd suspect Samsung would want to get this out before the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear. Now would also be a wonderful time to shave $50+ off of the MSRP in order to make folks care once more -- just sayin', is all.

[Thanks, Lindsay]

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