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Skullcandy and Metallica team up on Death Magnetic headphones

Darren Murph

Now isn't this tie-up worthy of all the "awws" you can muster? The poster child for anti-Napster propaganda has teamed up with Skullcandy to deliver a pair of cans to commemorate the band's ninth (and surely most awesome) studio album, Death Magnetic. Two limited edition models will be made available -- the $69.95 Hesh and $49.95 Lowrider -- and those prices include "free" downloads of the aforementioned disc. The Hesh cans (pictured) possess a fatter, more comfortable headband with 50mm drivers, while the Lowrider includes 40mm drivers and a fold-up headband for portability. No telling how long it'll be before these disappear, but we're hearing this strange rumor that pre-loaded clips of Hetfield play underneath your tunes to subconsciously encourage you to uninstall your BitTorrent client. Not like that's even fathomable or anything.

[Via MusicRadar]

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