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Far Cry, a Uwe Boll joint, premiering in Germany Oct. 2

We've been told that attending a premiere for a Uwe Boll movie is like visiting Disneyland in the middle of a category five hurricane -- it's a disaster, certainly, but it's a fun disaster. That's why we were so dismayed to learn that Boll's latest dose of box office poison won't be making its maiden voyage in the States -- but rather, in the pugilistic director's homeland of Germany.

If you're truly dedicated to your pursuit of attending the debut of a Boll-sterpiece, you'd better make your travel arrangements now, as the film will rear its ugly head October 2. We probably won't be in attendance, so make sure you tell us how it was, and what it was like meeting all those movie stars people who were in the movie former Wienerwald employees.

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