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Delivery Status touch: obsessive package tracking on the move


For fans of the Delivery Status Dashboard widget (and we are), the wait is over: Delivery Status touch is now available in the App Store for all your mobile package-tracking needs. It replicates the functionality and outstanding design of the original widget, and author Mike Piontek has made getting those unwieldy tracking numbers into the iPhone/touch application as simple as can be.

Using an email-based system which runs through Mike's servers, you can add tracking information to Delivery Status touch directly from the Delivery Status widget on your Dashboard. You can also sync a bookmarklet to Mobile Safari or -- especially handy for Windows users with no Dashboard widget -- turn your deliveries into individual bookmarks for syncing. You can, of course, type the numbers in manually if it should come to that.

Once you've got some packages to track, tapping the left side of a delivery icon shows a second level of details. A subsequent tap offers links to the tracking page in Mobile Safari and a Maps link which shows the current location of your package. You can then map a route to the destination and get an idea how far your precious cargo has to travel, if you want. If there are multiple packages in your shipment, a small number appears in the icon which you can tap to view the other items.

Like the widget, Delivery Status touch offers support for a wide array of shipping services. I think the only thing missing may be the Pony Express. Whether you're an eBay junkie anxiously waiting for your latest score or a corporate user tracking vital pieces of your infrastructure (or one of the rest of us somewhere in the middle), Delivery Status and Delivery Status touch make a winning combination.

Delivery Status touch is available in the iTunes App Store for $1.99; this pricing is listed as "introductory" so you might want to get it before it becomes more expensive.

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