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Nielsen VideoScan High-Def market share for week ending September 14th, 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

Blu-ray sales were back down again this week to 8 percent, on the Nielsen VideoScan charts courtesy of Home Media Magazine. The past few months have made it harder and harder for us to find new things to talk about as the trend is so solid we can almost predict the results weeks before they are official. The good news for Blu-ray is that even when it is down, while DVD stays flat, the more popular titles like The Forbidden Kingdom still garner 11 percent of the market for Blu. For those who don't think Blu-ray has a demographic, you might finally start believing this week as Baby Mama (barely) outsold Forbidden Kingdom on DVD, at the same time it hardly managed fourth place on the Blu-ray charts only stealing 2.5 percent away from DVD. Next week should be a little better, but not much, as Speed Racer, 88 Minutes, and the duo from Weinstein should help out a bit.

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