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Apple rejects another app for duplicating functionality

Robert Palmer

Apple has rejected another app from the app store because it considers it too similar to one of Apple's own apps, and thus would cause "user confusion."

The app is a front-end for Gmail, called MailWrangler, and allows users to check many Gmail accounts at once (unlike MobileSafari). It offers a similar interface as Gmail's iPhone-optimized web interface, which shows conversation threads in context, and allows for starring conversations (unlike Mail). The app developer says it works much like MailPlane on the desktop.

Nevertheless, Apple rejected the app because of the similarity, in Apple's view, and also due to other issues related to editing account information.

This app's rejection follows that of Podcaster for allegedly similar reasons. As we mentioned in the Talkcast two weeks ago, this could be related to the user backlash from I Am Rich. Whether it's too permissive or too strict, Apple will always have unhappy people when it issues rejections like this.

[Via WebMonkey.]

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