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Crytek already gushing over the PS4

Jem Alexander

Crytek are itching to get their hands on specifications for the PlayStation 4. The company's CEO, Cevat Yerli, gave his keynote at the start of the recent Game Convention in Asia, during which he stated that Crytek would be using the PS4 as a basis for future development. He calls it the most important machine of the next generation and states that "we are linking ourself to what the PS4 will take up as [its hardware] position; that is the console makeup that will drive all our research, so we cannot wait to know what the [machine] will be about. That's probably the most important missing information we have right now in our company."

Exciting stuff, but the PS4 is a long way off, yet. No doubt Sony is hard at work behind the scenes putting plans together for what could be included in their next console, but it'll be a while before anything is revealed. Yerli expects it to arrive in consumers' hands in 2011 or 2012, giving the PS3 a five or six year lifespan before his new younger brother arrives. Not that the means the end of the road for the PS3 -- just look at how well the PS2 is doing right now and how many games are still being released for it. Basically, the PS4 is going to be insane, but don't start drooling just yet.

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