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David Cage doesn't want you to use checkpoints in Heavy Rain

Alan Tsang

Earlier in the month David Cage told us it is possible to continue playing Heavy Rain even after the main character dies. Now he's speaking again, this time with CVG, about checkpoints in the game. Apparently, they will be present in Heavy Rain, but the Quantic Dream founder doesn't want us to use them. "Yes, there will be the opportunity for players to reply [sic] as much as they want from where they want, but we would really like to encourage them not to do so -- to continue to play with one story bearing with the consequences of their actions."

Cage further explains that by avoiding the use of checkpoints, this will result a "pretty unique" story. To us,
Heavy Rain is sounding more and more like a modern-day Choose Your Own Adventure book -- what do our dear readers think about this? Does this sound like it will result in a more dynamic narrative and increase replay value or will it be more like a gimmick that will get old too quickly?

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