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    Review: ifrogz iPhone 3G case

    Jason Clarke

    The folks at Dr. Bott were kind enough to send us an ifrogz Luxe case for the iPhone 3G to review. We drew straws (virtually) and I won the opportunity to kick the tires, so to speak, and give you my impressions.

    Personally, I'm not a big fan of cases on my phones and PDAs; they go in and out of my pocket so often that anything that adds bulk or friction ends up being more of a pain than its worth. That pretty much eliminates any silicone-style cases for my purposes. Thankfully, the Luxe case is made of a hard plastic with a satin finish, providing more grip than a naked iPhone, but not so much that it's a pain to get out of a tight pocket.

    The ifrogz Luxe case comes in a number of colors. My review case is a deep wine red color, which looks understated and quite appropriate. The case colors in pictures online look too bright and gaudy for my taste, but I can say that I am quite happy with the look of the red version in person, at least.

    The case is a two-piece affair, clamping together with a little round button on the back. While this is a clever way to hold the two halves of the case together, it unfortunately makes the iPhone much harder to use on a flat surface, as it rocks from side to side as you tap on the screen. My only other complaint is that the case fits maybe a bit too well, in that it can be a real pain to remove it once you have fit your iPhone snugly into it. If you rarely ever need to take your iPhone out of the case this will be more of a positive than a negative for you.

    The screen protector was a real surprise for me. I expected it to significantly interfere with the accuracy of my iPhone's screen, but after just a few minutes I forgot that it was even there. It is easy to apply, and easy to forget, which makes it darn near perfect in my opinion.

    My wife is currently in the market for a case for her iPhone, and were it not for the rocking on a flat surface problem, we'd almost certainly be getting her the Luxe for her phone. To be honest, nothing else we've seen really stands out as better, so there's still a good chance she'll end up with a Luxe on her phone, even though the rocking is more of an issue for her than it is for me. I plan on going out to get one of these cases for my iPhone 3G.

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