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RIM's BlackBerry Javelin 8900 gets pitched through an early review


The zany folks at CrackBerry have done the planet a kindness by posting up a short review -- though, it's anything but -- of RIM's newest unannounced set, the BlackBerry Javelin 8900. If you skim through the bit, you'll see words that hint they may like it, like "tight, sexy package" or "outperforms', though, reading more closely, we think they've completely fallen in love. The Javelin is compared to both the Curve and the venerable Bold and solidly trounces the Curve everywhere from screen, speed, OS, functionality, camera, form, and well, you get the idea. Even compared to the Bold it still stands out as being smaller, packing a better camera, more device memory, and even a higher resolution display. All these impressions are based on an early revision of the set, so we expect it'll get "awesomer" -- or something -- once it gets to retail. Follow the read link to get to the dirt, in this, the first of two parts on this new set.

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