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Sonic's creator teases something new

Justin McElroy

Ms. Naka: Janene, has Sonic seemed a bit ... off to you?
Janene: Why, how do you mean? Sure, he's a little rambunctious, but --
Ms. Naka: No, it's more than that. He's spinning around town with the wrong crowd, he pawned all my gold rings to buy, well, other gold rings ...
Janene: No! His own mother's rings?!
Ms. Naka: It's true. Ever since Prope -- you know, Yuji's studio? -- put up that teaser image about a new game it's going to reveal in 17 days, Sonic's just been completely out of control!
Janene: Oh, Doris, that's perfectly natural. Yuji created Sonic, and now he's making something new. The little blue guy's just afraid he won't be the favorite any more.
Ms. Naka: ... Oh, God, are you joking? We haven't loved him for years. Did you not play Sonic and the Secret Rings?

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