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Stockinger and Bentley design a safe for the very, very rich


You're a wealthy industrialist and you've spent more money on jewelry than most Americans will see in their entire lives. You deserve a safe that is attractive enough to be a display piece itself, but is secure enough to repel the most seasoned cat burgler. To this end, Stockinger -- the first name in luxury safes -- has teamed up with Bentley Motors Ltd. to produce two limited edition lockboxes, each the definition of style, security and extravagant waste. The Continental is designed for jewelry, while the Arnage features pockets and watchwinders for all your antique and valuable timepieces. Both models are designed to be impenetrable, and feature built-in alarms and a GPS unit. These safes are available in all standard Bentley exterior colors, and you can choose from one of ten interior leather hides and three wood veneer panels. They are available in a limited edition of 200 each and can be ordered exclusively through Stockinger. So what are you waiting for?

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