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Xbox 360 hits 6 million in Europe


"Self-defence!" it'll claim, noting how people simply wouldn't "stop pressing my buttons." Also, the European Xbox 360 can talk. No wonder it's managed to "hit" 6 million people, a figure which Microsoft's Chris Lewis, Vice President of Interactive Entertainment Business EMEA and apparent violence fetishist, is "very excited" by.

"We're very excited that more consumers in Europe are joining the ever-growing Xbox 360 community," Lewis said. "We're now the best-value next-gen console on the market with an entry-level ERP of €179/£129.99, and consumers have clearly responded to that offering." He went on to promise that a "launch-level" advertising campaign would, uh, launch in the region next week, promoting titles like "Lips, Scene It?; You're In The Movies and Fable 2."

Yes, he really did put Fable 2 at the very end of the list.

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