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Art students make LittleBigColossus in 24 hours

Justin McElroy

We've got to admit that when we decided to write up this post on the 24-hour LittleBigPlanet Game Jam at Parsons New School of Design, it was because of a few misconceptions. First, we thought that, since this was Parsons, former chair of fashion design (and our personal favorite human) Tim Gunn would be there. He was not. Also, we thought that a "Game Jam" would be a lot more like "Space Jam." This, too, proved to be untrue.

If you're curious what a bunch of designers-in-training came up with for LBP, we have a truly stunning video of their "LittleBigColossus" after the jump. Just don't expect any slam-dunking bunnies or wizened fashionistas over their shoulders telling them to "Make it work™."

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