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Buy a Mac, get One to One training, win an Emmy Award


In one of those improbable stories that sounds like a Hollywood script, a Burbank, CA elementary school teacher won an Emmy Award for his first attempt at filmmaking.

Larry Newman (photo at right), a band director at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in Burbank, won the award for a film called "Children's Music Workshop: 2007 All Schools Honor Orchestra," in the category of Outstanding Achievement in Children/Youth and Music Programming.

Newman had no previous filmmaking experience, and said that he "just purchased a high-definition camera and went to the Apple store for weekly lessons on Final Cut Pro." The film focused on the annual concert at UCLA of 130 students who are enrolled in Newman's Children's Music Workshop program, and particularly on nine students in the Burbank Unified School District.

Our congratulations to Mr. Newman for his Emmy, and to that unknown Apple employee who provided the Final Cut Pro lessons.

Thanks to Scott for the tip!

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