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SRS Labs, CSR team up for better Bluetooth audio quality with PureSpeech

Chris Ziegler

Getting Bluetooth headset voice quality good enough to prevent the occasional "come again?" is a never-ending challenge, giving rise to devices like the Jawbone and the perpetually-delayed Nextlink / Motorola Invisio Q7. Most headsets these days bundle some form of noise reduction and echo cancellation, but SRS Labs and chipset manufacturer CSR want to make it easier for companies to bundle the technologies out of the box (or out of the chip, as the case may be) with a minimum of fuss. The partnership has produced PureSpeech, which bundles SRS' VIP+ software for local voice quality with CSR's CVC technology for improving what your callee hears. The one-two combo will be available starting in the first quarter of next year as an option on CSR's BlueCore silicon.

[Via Slashphone]

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