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Vanguard vs Ryzom: Is "harder" better?

Shawn Schuster

Ryzom is a game that has surely seen its fair share of peaks and valleys throughout its lifetime. It has closed and reopened several times, but the reasoning for this is up for debate. Is the game too hardcore or just too "hard"? Over at the Voyages of Vanguard blog, Beau Turkey (former host of Ryzom Radio) takes a comparative look at the two games he knows the best: Ryzom and Vanguard.

In this comparison, Beau explores the idea of Vanguard utilizing some of the difficulty of Ryzom. That's not really to say that Ryzom is a particularly difficult game in terms of gameplay, but as Beau points out, many of the game's mechanics make it more hardcore than others. This includes no real definitive class structure, map travel options and non-repairable loot that deteriorates over time. Would Vanguard players be able to handle a Ryzom-type world, or would Vanguard itself benefit from being more "hardcore"? Check out the complete article for Beau's prognosis.

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