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Verizon tells us all about the BlackBerry Storm's "WOW factors"

Chris Ziegler

Flashy new slides circulating among Verizon staffers are calling out the Storm for everything that makes it just so darned Stormy, and the list is pretty impressive -- particularly the bit about the radios. As we've heard before, the Storm will pack CDMA / EV-DO Rev. A, quadband EDGE, and 2100MHz HSPA, making it one of the most global phones ever to hit the market. The list of "WOW factors" (Verizon's verbiage, not ours) doesn't stop there, though: we've also got a 3.25-inch 480 x 360 display dubbed "1/2 VGA+," which puts it just a notch above the Bold's 480 x 320 setup. The screen offers tactile feedback and auto-rotation to boot, plus you've got that 3.2-megapixel autofocus camera with flash, 1GB of onboard memory with microSD expansion -- an 8GB card is included in the box -- and "enhanced background noise cancellation." Turning our attention to software, RIM calls the Storm's web browsing experience "best in class," which is a good sign if those guys really know their competition, and we've got AGPS and visual voicemail (post-launch, sadly) in the pipe. Still no solid date on a launch for this blasted thing, but we'll be listening for... ahem, thunder.

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