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Alltel launches nuTsie to take iTunes mobile

Chris Ziegler

We'd always taken nuTsie to be an indie app that was going to get most of its traction outside the surly bonds of a corporate partnership, but color us totally wrong. Alltel has announced that Melodeo's iTunes companion app is now available on eleven of its handsets (with more to come in the coming months), offering users of non-iTunes-friendly phones a creative way to get access to their playlists on the go. nuTsie works not by downloading your own tracks, but by matching the names of the songs in your playlists to those in its own database and loading the actual music from its servers -- that way, not only do you get access to your stuff, but also to friends' playlists and those cobbled together by nuTsie's own "experts." It'll run you $4.99 a month or $19.99 a year, and it's available now.

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