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An EVE veteran explains some harsh realities of the game

James Egan

Changes made to EVE Online in the last year or so have been aimed at making the game more accessible to newer players. But this raises the hackles of some veteran players, who didn't have advanced learning skills, affordable +4 implants, and a much increased starting amount of skillpoints, much less a straightforward tutorial when they began.

But it's less these perks than the belief that EVE's game mechanics are changing to make the game a bit less dangerous for rookie pilots, or reduce the risks that result from being careless... or just dense. The possibility of changes to the wardec system and the steep penalties that will soon be associated with suicide ganking fuel this view held by some long-time EVE players. Some would go so far as to say that the game now favors carebears over pirates or 0.0 alliance players, but these views are largely subjective.

Veteran EVE player Grimpak, of Trinity Nova mercenary services, writes for EVE-Mag about how he sees the game as a long-time resident of New Eden. He addresses that feeling of being overwhelmed which is so common when jumping in for the first time, and the importance of not trying to make a go of it alone. But paradoxically, Grimpak states it's those other people you need to be most worried about as well. His words may instill some paranoia, but he's merely explaining the harsher realities of the game. Check out his first article at EVE-Mag, where he lays down some guidelines and caveats for a better EVE experience.

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