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Plastic guitars, now for girls too (thanks, Aly & AJ!)

Hey ladies! Be honest, if there's one problem with today's Rock Band and Guitar Hero plastic guitar offerings, it's this: they're not pink and/or heart-shaped enough, right? Here to right this egregious wrong are pop starlets Aly & AJ, both of whom have lent their considerable skills (being women?) to the design of the above two "fun and feminine" plastic guitars.

Of course, since these guitars are built exclusively for the ladies, you'll find they're only compatible with the Wii and PS2 since ... uh, we're really not sure why that is. Regardless, if that works for you, and you've got $69.99 to burn ('spensive!), hit up your local retailer in mid-October. Check out another pic of the guitars – and a video of the teenagers pitching the gear on E! – after the break.

[Via VideoGamesBlogger]

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