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Skyfire mobile browser 0.8 reaches public beta, still rocks


We love Skyfire's mobile browser, it does what it's meant to do and more importantly, it adds to your mobile web world with all the dynamic content you're used to on your desktop. Skyfire gets all this done by doing all the grunt work on their servers, then passing only the joy down the pipe to you -- so no Flash is no problem. This release piles new features in compared to the first we peeked at, and they've opened the doors wide in a public beta for all to enjoy for the Windows Mobile version -- well, if your phone number starts with a 1 -- this time. Features like contextual zoom, which figures out what part of the page you want to zoom in on when scrolling past it -- which worked really well with Viddler videos for example -- faster launch times, able to be set as default browser, search from your home screen, content download, and the list just goes on. But don't take our word for it, the price is still $free and what's to lose but a bit of time.

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