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$130 Mirror's Edge comes with Timbuk2 messenger bag

Sometimes, video games just aren't expensive enough. Sometimes, we'll think to ourselves, "Just $60? What am I going to do with all this money I make blogging about video games?" Sensing our dilemma, EA's offering a pair of extra-spensive Xbox 360 bundles for two of their highest-profile (and most promising!) fall releases. We've already filled you in on the $150 "Ultra Limited Edition" Dead Space bundle but also wanted to showcase this rather fetching messenger bag Mirror's Edge bundle.

$130 bags you the Xbox 360 release of the game along with a ME-themed Timbuk2 messenger bag (read: much nicer than GameStop's preorder bag), complete with Faith's face on the inside flap – just the sort of conversation starter we all want sewn directly into our baggage.

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