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Banjo designer defends Rare, disappoints Killer Instinct fans

MTV Multiplayer cornered Banjo-Kazooie creator – and de facto Rare defender – Gregg Mayles in San Francisco recently and asked him to not only comment on those things Peter Moore told the Guardian last week, but also to comment on those Killer Instinct 3 rumors. Ostensibly catching his breath in between all the body blows, Mayles avoided mentioning Moore by name, instead saying, "I don't take much notice about what people say about our games I work on," continuing, "We've always been seen as a bit, I don't know, willing to take a chance on doing something different and trying to come up with new experience."

As long as a Banjo-Kazooie update is on the table, Multiplayer asked about the possibility of another Killer Instinct installment. Without saying "no" Mayles handily shot down the speculation, explaining, "... what we're not gonna do is just say 'okay, there's this kind of vocal, fairly small vocal minority of real die-hard fans out there that want to see [Killer Instinct], so therefore, we should be doing [Killer Instinct].'" Hear that, small vocal minority? You can keep screaming but Rare can't hear you. Maybe with Banjo coming to Xbox Live Arcade, you guys could start asking for a similar treatment for fellow Nintendo 64-alumnus Killer Instinct. That's better than nothing, right?

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