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Rumor: Bungie set to release 'next game' teaser trailer [update]

Dustin Burg

Update: We may have jumped the gun on this one as we have not been able to verify or duplicate this Halo 3 pop-up. In other words, it could have easily been faked. So, we'll tag this story with a fat "RUMOR" tag until further notice. Original blog is as follows;

As the Superintendent countdown ticks the seconds until Bungie's early morning surprise, we're pretty confident tomorrow's announcement isn't going to be a new Halo 3 map pack reveal. Instead, we'll be we may be treated to the official unveiling of Bungie's next project.

The in-game Halo 3 screen grab that you see above, surfaced over on the forums (the thread has since been closed) and is supposedly a Halo 3 pop-up notification that has been seen by gamers in certain time zones. The pop-up (similar to the one used to announce the second title update) is promoting the big Superintendent announcement with instructions to "Download the teaser for our next game" at or the XBLM. We're nearly certain this Halo 3 ad wasn't meant to pop-up until tomorrow morning, but someone's mistake is our knowledge gain. Get ready kids, because Bungie is set to unveil their latest project and we only have a few hours to wait!

[Thanks, Alex H.]

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