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Comcast unloads a bunch of HD nets in Boston, MA

Darren Murph

Looks like Chattanooga isn't the only Comcast market waking up to news of fresh HD channels bulging from the DVR, as word from Bean Town has it that Boston will also be blessed with a new heap. Without further ado, here's what you folks can expect: Encore HD (785), Fox Business HD (789), Hallmark Movie HD (790), Toon Disney HD (792), Fuse HD (793), Bravo HD (794), CNBC HD (795), ESPNews HD (796), Biography Channel HD (797), Independent Film HD (798), Women's Entertainment HD (799), MGM HD (819), FX HD (830), FOX News HD (841), Starz Edge HD (873), Starz Kids HD (874), Starz Comedy HD (876), and Big Ten Network HD (885). Phew.

[Thanks, Mike]

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