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Insomniac's Ted Price speaks out against video game legislation


Insomniac's CEO Ted Price knows about fun and games. However, he takes the issue of games legislation quite seriously. "I think video game legislation has no place in America," Ted Price told Shacknews in an interview. "It saddens me to see legislators stomping all over our First Amendment rights for their own specific interests."

Although they may be most famous for Ratchet & Clank, Insomniac is no stranger to creating games meant for adults. Their PS3 launch title, Resistance has sold millions of copies, with a sequel being readied for launch in November.

He believes that video games are being painted as the "scapegoat" of society's problems, much like movies, radio and even books in the past. Just like in the past, it will take some time before this attitude is rectified. "It won't be until we have more gamers running for office that this will calm down," he added. "It's something that we'll weather, because we are right, what we do is defensible under the Constitution and shouldn't be regulated by the government."

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