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Leak Sauce: is this Sony Ericsson's new Cybershot "Kate"?


Now this is what we call a proper spy shot! While we can plainly make out Cybershot branding, nothing else is apparent as the photographer is seemingly attempting to capture the essence of blur and shake. Evidently Sony Ericsson's Kate is set to replace the K770 in the Cybershot line, though sadly, we lack any info about just what exactly its specs will be -- if, indeed, it's real. The folks at cellphonesail mention that it has a unique lens cover a la Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T2, and that's really all that is mentioned, though being a Cybershot, we can expect a decent cam. Typical of Sony Ericsson leaked sets, we'll likely start to see a flow of info in the near term as this is purportedly shipping in Q4 this year.

[Via SEMC Blog]

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