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AT&T's C740 Matrix from Pantech gets pictured

Chris Ziegler

Looks like there's no end to this newfangled texting fad, and AT&T's doing its best to capitalize with a cute little Pantech that slides not one, but two ways. Whoa! What, not surprised? Okay, yeah, it definitely rings some bells, since Pantech's already done the form factor for AT&T as the WinMo-powered Duo -- but this one takes things a little downmarket by swapping in a dumbphone OS. The C740 Matrix still does alright for itself with HSDPA, Video Share support, Bluetooth, 1.3-megapixel cam, and a choice of three snazzy colors, so we're figuring the supposedly 80 dollar dual slider is going to get some love from the SMS addicts.

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