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Economic madness could hurt handset sales, sales of everything else

Darren Murph

Ready for your daily dose of "Thanks, Captain Obvious"? A recent Reuters report is suggesting that the mayhem on Wall Street could really pose a threat to handset makers, with RIM in particular at risk. The logic goes something like this: lots of finance workers probably use BlackBerries, and if their jobs suddenly evaporate, so will their handsets. In truth, all handset makers are going to have a tougher time moving handsets (particularly second, third or fourth handsets) with spending on the decline, and it's said that operators have already started to combat the issue by "shifting their subsidy dollars to more expensive phone models." RIM's co-chief executive Jim Balsille seems a tad less worried, stating: "No matter how much economic challenge there is, how many people do you know that have given up their mobile?" Well played, Jim.

[Image courtesy of DemInvest]

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