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EVE Online's first CSM term ending, next approaching

James Egan

The latest EVE Online dev blog deals with the forthcoming changing of the guard, in terms of the player-elected Council of Stellar Management (CSM). EVE dev CCP Xhagen touched upon the fact that in the nearly 4 months that the first CSM has held office, it became clear(er) to the developers that their own views on some aspects of the game can be differ from how the players see it. While CCP Xhagen didn't list the CSM's accomplishments, he said that some of what the CSM brought to CCP Games won't be implemented until well after the new Council is elected, due to the time it takes to implement changes in the development pipeline. However, some of their efforts "will start to become visible in WAR 1.2 and the winter expansion."

He also announced the dates and details for the second Council of Stellar Management, with a few changes made to the rules. CCP Xhagen said, "... the chairman is eligible for the chair-position again should he decide to step down as such and have the CSM vote a new one; 25% of actual voters are required to force a topic up to the CSM; the biggest change is the 21 year age limit to be a valid candidate." In addition, the timetable for the existing CSM stepping down and the newly elected Council moving into their role is as follows:

  • September 26: Opening for candidacy runs for the second CSM.
  • October 10: Closing of the candidacy run for the second CSM.
  • November 7: The voting process for the second CSM is started and is open for 2 weeks.
  • November 21: The voting process for the second CSM is finished.
  • November 24: A permanent announcement made about the results of the second CSM elections. Six months to the date since the first CSM met online for the first time.
  • November 29: The second CSM meets online for the first time.
Additional commentary on the CSM can be found in CCP Xhagen's dev blog, "First CSM term close to ending, warming up for the second one!" which is also being discussed by the player base on the official forums.

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