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Massively's WAR Camp: Tier 2 Scenario Guides

William Dobson

By now, people who picked up Warhammer Online at launch should have had a chance to play a bit, and many of them will be in Tier 2. This unfortunately means leaving the Tier 1 scenarios behind, but it also means that a whole new set of scenarios is unlocked. As in Tier 1, there is one scenario per racial pairing in Tier 2, totaling three new battlegrounds to visit. We've once again visited all three and documented our findings in gallery guides. Join us over the page, as we begin by looking at Phoenix Gate, the scenario for the High Elf and Dark Elf pairing.
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Phoenix Gate is the next scenario from the Elf lands after Khaine's Embrace in Tier 1, and can be reached by queuing from The Shadowlands or Ellyrion. The main objective is to capture the enemy realm's flag, without allowing your own flag to be taken. There's more than one way to move between areas in this scenario, making it difficult to track down a flag carrier at times, and it's also possible for players to jump on a siege weapon to really get their point across. Click the button below to see our gallery guide for Phoenix Gate, and after that, you can continue on to the next scenario we visited, Mourkain Temple.


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