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The Best of Massively: Our most helpful guides

Samuel Axon

In just over one month, Massively will celebrate its first birthday! Last week we started a countdown to the event by kicking off a series of features highlighting the best stuff from the site so far. We started with our ten most important interviews. Today, we're continuing the weekly countdown by listing some of your (and our) favorite guides!

We broke them out into six categories, counting down to the best and most popular. A wide variety of games are covered, so chances are you'll find something useful in here. This list can serve as a springboard to a ton of content -- dozens and dozens of articles. So consider this your go-to place for info on some of the hottest games.

Without further ado, here's the guide to our best guides. Wow, how meta is that!

Gallery: The Best of Massively: Our most helpful guides | 6 Photos

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