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Fable 2 ships non-line, online co-op to be added later

Remember at E3 2008 when Peter Molyneux dropped the co-op over Xbox Live bomb during the Microsoft Press Briefing? Good times. Oh by the way, Fable 2 doesn't ship with online co-op. Microsoft's community team at the GamerScore Blog have dropped the news that Fable 2 will only ship with a single-player and local co-op experience but no need to grab your pitchforks and rioting boots because online will be added into the game later via an auto update.

We suppose some people will be upset about it but considering the GSB team expects the co-op to be added soon after release, Microsoft hopes for an update within a week or release, we aren't freaking out yet. However, considering most reviews will take the omission into account we wouldn't be surprised to see Fable 2 take a few dings on the Metacritic front. If that means anything to you, at all.

Gamerscore Blog ends the post by sending over a thank your from developer Lionhead for your understanding and patience. The team at Lionhead are very excited to have you play their grand RPG, so much so that the game went gold before, you know ... it was finished.

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