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Nielsen VideoScan High-Def market share for week ending September 21st, 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

What a disappointing week for the studios as the new releases that appeared to be big titles didn't sell well at all. Although they didn't sell well on Blu-ray, it's hard to say how well they fared against DVD as Home Media Magazine didn't publish the market share per title chart this week. We suspect it's about the same, as DVD isn't up this week either. As many might have predicted, the number one title fits right in the so-called PS3 demographic as Speed Racer outsold the much older Transformers by almost two to one, and more interestingly outsold the new release 88 Minutes by even more. Weinstein's first Blu-ray release didn't do too well either as The Mist came in at seven and 1408 at eighteen. What's more telling this week though, is the random titles on the Blu-ray charts, we're betting that his is from a combination of weak new releases and promotions directed at titles like Troy and A Clockwork Orange. We expect next week to be better as The Godfather Collection, Deception, and Leatherheads will all be counted and should be enough to move the charts. But hold on to your seats for the week after that as Iron Man is released and is expected to beat every Blu record to date.

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