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Pre-order alert! Activision Blizzard trademarks 'Dance Hero'

Now that getting innovation out of the rhythm music genre is like squeezing blood from a stone, Activision Blizzard has jumped to a new (old) pool of possible cash. According to 1UP, Actizzard has trademarked the title Dance Hero for "computer game software" development. Hey, it makes sense. After all, Guitar Hero was the North American equivalent to Konami's Guitar Freaks and considering Dance Dance Revolution is still a cash cow for the Japanese giant who'da thought it would take this long for a clone?

According to our sister site Joystiq, the trademark filing showed up around the same time a rumor cited DJ Hero, a title reserved by Activision in February, is already in production. True or not we'd like to think Activision is only stockpiling trademarks and not actually ever use most of them. If half the titles they register turn into games we're going to have to buy up Facepalm Hero just to showcase how annoyed we are.

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