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Microsoft India says slim 360 is 'speculation or rumor' [update]

Ross Miller

We've received numerous tips (and noticed a rather popular digg) about an Xbox 360 event in Dehli, India that "confirmed" a slim Xbox 360 console was to be announced in December for release sometime in 2009. The information emanates from two English-language Indian gaming blogs, Split-Screen and Game Guru (a WHOIS search on both sites revealed nothing noteworthy).

Both blogs also mention that the region will be getting hands-on time with Fable 2, Gears of War 2 and Fallout 3 a week earlier than anyone else (we're guessing some special event, but neither article specifies) and a new 20GB package with Viva Piñata and Forza 2 for Rs.14,990 (approx. US $350).

While a slim Xbox 360 seems like a no-brainer for the future (we know there are smaller chipsets being made), here's why we're skeptical about this: logic dictates that Microsoft would not announce it in December, given that such news would likely hurt sales during the holiday season. Furthermore, no utterance of such an event can be found on Xbox India's official forums or major India newspaper the Times of India.

A final drop of skepticism can be added from Major Nelson himself, who told X3F, "I have no knowledge of an event in India and therefore anything related to one. I think we all know that if we had something to say, we'd be saying it." A similar rumor showed up in May, which Microsoft then denied.

Update: Microsoft India has shot down this alleged "announcement," labeling it as no more than "market rumor or speculation."

[Note: Slim Xbox 360 in image is fan-made mockup.]

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